"As a research fellow at the Center for Migration and International Relations, I am undertaking field research on the perception of decreases in agriculture production influence on out-migration from Bharatpur, Chitwan.  During my one month stay in Bharatpur, I have distributed 100 questionnaires and conducted 10 interviews with farming households.  Through site visits to different communities, I have learned of the varying challenges farming households face due to drought, flood, animals, and disease.  An overwell number of farming households report, without the use of chemical fertilizer and proper irrigation facilities, the changes in arrival of monsoon decrease yield; and thus, the income generated from agriculture decreases.  Other than unemployment, farming households report the main cause of labor migration as inadequate income generated from agriculture production.  For this reason, members are farming households, especially youth, are looking for employment in different job sectors." 

Name : Jessica Miller                                      Country: United States 

Internship Area: Research and Study      Enrolled from: January 2017